NBRf Rainbow Bridge


This website is to honor and remember the National Borzoi Rescue Foundation Rescues that have made the journey over the bridge.  


We cannot thank our adopters and fosters enough for loving and caring for each Borzoi Rescue that came into their life, we appreciate you more than we can ever say.


Thank you for visiting the National Borzoi Rescue Foundation on the web. We were formed in December of 1994.   N.B.R.F. is dedicated to the rescue and placement of all displaced borzoi into good, permanent homes through our adoption program.


  • President: Ann Marie Wiseman,1-844-NBRFZOI
  • Vice-President:  Barbara Tyler Lord, barbaranbrf@gmail.com1-844-NBRFZOI
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Liz Duncan-Burge, liznbrf@gmail.com, 1-844-NBRFZOI
  • Administrative Coordinator:  Meghann Lord-Fenn, meghannnbrf@gmail.com
  • Transportation & Foster Care Coordinator:  June Shienkaruk, junenbrf@gmail.com
  • Webmaster: Connie Taylor,  webmaster@inpedigree.com


Photo Usage

We love sharing the success stories of our adopters, fosters and especially the borzoi who have found a new life in their forever homes.  From time to time we like to share the photos you send , either on this site, our main site, on Facebook, or for fundraising purposes.  If you would not like a photo to be used, please inform us when you submit the photo(s).